What to Expect at Your Massage

If you’ve never had a massage therapy session before, you may be nervous or unsure of what to expect. After reading the frequently asked questions below, all your questions should be answered. However, if they aren’t, please contact us at our office to discuss your concerns further. A massage should be comfortable and relaxing without anything left on your mind but making yourself healthier. Carol Kennedy Massage Therapy provides more than a restorative massage. We offer a “wholeness” philosophy for our caregiver and baby boomer clients through overall massage health restoration, preventative massage health sessions, sharing wellness information through our daily Facebook posts, and sourcing from our wide network to make connections to other services for particular needs such as realtor, insurance, financial planner, chiropractor, midwife, acupuncturist, farmers markets, etc.  
What to expect at your massage
…coming to Carol Kennedy Massage Therapy is more than getting a massage; it’s about getting and keeping healthy so that we don’t have to slow down in our busy lives.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the massage therapist licensed?
Yes! Only receive a massage therapy treatment from a state licensed therapist in good standing. Carol Kennedy has been licensed since 2001, trained at the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage, and has participated in continuing education each and every year since to stay up-to-date on all changes and advances in the massage therapy practice.
What does the room look like?
We have two locations to satisfy any desired environments. You can visit us at our location within the Roc City Wellness office for a more formal feeling. Alternatively, the St Paul Blvd massage studio, located in our historic home, complete with wood paneled room and fireplace for a more relaxed environment. Both facilities are warm, tranquil places where clients can come to get away from the daily routine and pains that inhibit their ability to enjoy life to the fullest.
What kind of information will you ask?
Every client has a different reason for seeking massage therapy and at Carol Kennedy Massage Therapy, we customize every session to meet the specific needs of our clients. Before we start the first session, we’ll review a detailed health history and a start a discussion concerning the current issues you’re looking to relieve with treatment. We may ask you to stand or walk to evaluate your balance or muscle strength. This is also the time for you to ask questions and share any concerns about the session.
Do I need to request a certain type of massage?
You do not need to know all the different types of massage and self-diagnose as to which one might be best for your overall health. During the Health History assessment, we’ll review what you’re looking to achieve with the massage and take inventory on your overall expectation when leaving. At Carol Kennedy Massage Therapy, we use a combination of: swedish relaxation, deep tissue, hot stone, therapeutic, trigger point, and reiki. Often times, our clients will only want us to work on one part of their body and nowhere else. Other times, they may want an all over body work up but have us spend more time in areas we can feel are tight and need special attention. We’ll discuss these things before the session starts so there are no questions during the therapy and you can relax.
How do I pay?
To allow you to enjoy your massage, we take care of your payment at the beginning of the session. Carol Kennedy Massage Therapy accepts cash, check, and all major credit cards.
Do I tip?
Massage therapy is a service and tipping is common. However, this is completely up to you and your satisfaction level. You may add the tip to your check or credit card slip before the session or provide a cash tip at the end.
Do I have to take my clothes off?
A massage therapist must have access to your body to ensure the best results for your session. You’ll be given time to undress to your comfort level, which could be completely naked or keeping your undergarments on, and get on the table in private. You will always be covered with a sheet and the only area of the body that is exposed is the part being worked on. When your massage is over, the therapist will leave the room and allow you time to get dressed before coming back into the room.
Face Up or Face Down?
All our massages are started face down to focus on the back of the legs, gluts, back muscles, shoulders, neck, and head. After you undress to your comfort level, lie comfortably under the sheet and relax. Half way through the massage, the therapist will hold the sheet in front of their face and ask you to turn over on your back to work on your feet, front of the legs, hands, arms, and face.
Do we talk during the session?
We take our cue from you. If you’re in a talkative mood and holding a conversation, we’re happy to continue what is comfortable to you. If you’re quiet and looking to relax during the session, we’ll honor the implied request. However, at times during deep tissue portion, the therapist will be check in with you to make sure you are tolerating the work and remind you to relax and breathe. Often, we may use light conversation to distract our clients if we feel they are tensing up.
Will I leave greasy from oils?
Carol Kennedy Massage Therapy uses non-greasy lotions during the session to enhance the experience and help in moving from different areas along the body. During the colder months, the lotion is warmed for your comfort. If you have a particular lotion you prefer, please bring it with you and alert us during the Health History portion at the beginning of the session.
How long is the massage therapy?
We offer 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions for our clients. This is determined before the session starts and will not be deterred from so you won’t have to worry that we’ll go over or surprise charge you for more time.
Do I need to do anything special afterwards?
You’ll find water within the room after you dress. Drinking plenty of water to flush the toxins out of your system is imperative for your overall health. To continue to cleanse the system, taking a hot shower followed by a soaking bath, steam room or whirlpool experience is ideal.
How will I feel afterwards?
After a deep tissue massage, you may feel a little sore or achy within the first 24 hours. What you’re experiencing is your body healing from being so tight before visiting us. It should be gone within 24-36 hours.
How often should I come back?
This is a question to discuss before and after your session. You may find that one massage therapy treatment takes care of your immediate problem. However, for best overall health, we suggest you visit every four to six weeks to keep your muscles in top working order so that you don’t need to slow down in your business life.

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