What is Trigger Point Massage?

Trigger points are specific points on the body, which, when touched, will elicit pain. Trigger points are what most people describe as knots. A trigger point is believed to be a localized spasm in the muscle fiber and may cause pain to be felt in other, more distant parts of the body. When a therapist applies pressure to a knot or a specific area, she is releasing the trigger point. If a trigger point is not released completely, you may still feel a throbbing pain in the area, or a dull headache that was not present before the session started. At Carol Kennedy Massage Therapy, Carol releases trigger points during almost every massage. She works with the client to understand how much pressure to use, and works the area until the texture of the area changes or softens, when she knows that the trigger point has been released. Carol describes releasing a trigger point as “driving through a tunnel.” You have to ride it out and breathe during the process, because if I stop while in the middle of the release, you will be stuck in that “tunnel of pain.”  
Carol Kennedy Massage Therapy Trigger Point Massage

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