What is Prenatal Massage?

Prenatal massage is massage therapy that is especially tailored to an expectant mother’s demands. Prenatal massage is different from a regular massage because it demands that an expectant mother’s body be positioned as well as supported in the right way. This is achieved by utilizing pillows and padding to ensure that both the mother as well as the baby are comfortable. Further, certain massage techniques like deep tissue massage are forbidden for use on expectant mothers, and specific areas of the mother’s body ought to be avoided as well. Expectant moms who have received prenatal massage have experienced several benefits from this modality. Women have reported that it relieves stress, takes away aches in the joints and the muscles, and lessens the swelling in arms and legs. When options for relief during pregnancy are limited, prenatal massage fills the void effectively, and it also is a widely used, complementary therapy to treat back pain. Therapy of this sort has also been found to reduce anxiety and stress in pregnant women. At Carol Kennedy Massage Therapy, Carol uses prenatal massage to help relieve back pain and stress. She and the client determine the side that is most comfortable, and if there are no contraindications from the doctor, Carol works lightly on the legs to help with the general aches of pregnancy. She also incorporates reflexology points on the feet, avoiding the spots that correspond to the uterus and reproductive organs. It is often beneficial for a pregnant woman to just enjoy laying down in a relaxed setting and let her mind wander and relax.  
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