Avoiding Holiday Stress

This time of year is stressful for many. They have stress headaches and tightness in their necks and shoulders. The cause? Holiday stress. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s – and all the parties in between – people feel overwhelmed and spread too thin.

What’s the cure? It’s a balance between physical and mental wellness.

To take care of your physical wellness, make a massage therapy appointment. I can help to ease the tension from overscheduling and the effect of your relatives. I can teach you stretches to ward off physical tension between appointments.

The true joy of this season is taking the time to slow down and spend time with your loved ones. It doesn’t mean adding stress to your life trying to please everyone else. To address your physical wellness, celebrate the holidays the way YOU want to celebrate.

Remember, the holidays are a season, not a single day. Who says you have to cram all your celebrating into a single day? If you’re becoming overwhelmed with trying to finagle schedules so that all of your friends and family can be together for a few hours at the same time, consider breaking a large, single dinner into several smaller get-togethers. Does the thought of cooking for a dozen people fill you with dread? Assign everyone a dish to bring to lessen the amount you have to cook. Or trim your invite list to a more manageable number. Perhaps hosting a laid-back open house is more your style.

Changing the way you celebrate might be hard to understand at first for some of your relatives. But what will cause you more stress: doing what others expect in order to keep the peace or taking a step back to keep your psyche in balance?

Among the many benefits of massage therapy are a reduction in mental fatigue and pain in your neck and shoulders, plus lower stress and anxiety – all symptoms commonly experienced in November and December.

No matter how you celebrate your holidays this year, I’m here to help ease your stress.

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